How Wide is Trex Decking? Exploring Different Options for Your Outdoor Space

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Are you considering adding a deck to your outdoor space? If so, you’ve probably heard of Trex decking, a popular and durable choice for homeowners. Not only does Trex offer a wide range of decking products, but they also prioritize sustainability and easy installation. In this article, we will delve into the dimensions of Trex decking and explore the different options available to suit your needs and style preferences.

how wide is trex decking

Understanding the Size Options

Deck Dimension Considerations

When it comes to choosing the right decking for your project, the width of the boards is an important factor to consider. Trex offers a variety of widths to accommodate different design preferences and installation methods. The most common width options for Trex decking are 5.5 inches and 7.25 inches, with some product lines offering additional width options. These dimensions provide versatility and allow you to create a customized deck based on your specific needs.

Trex decking’s 5.5-inch width is often referred to as “standard width” and is suitable for most residential deck projects. This width offers a traditional look and is commonly used for decking boards that run perpendicular to the house. It provides a stable and sturdy platform for outdoor living.

Wider Width Options

If you are looking to make a statement or create a more expansive feel, Trex also offers wider width options. The 7.25-inch width is known as “wide width” and can add a touch of luxury to your deck design. This width is ideal for large decks, open spaces, or when you want to showcase the beauty of your outdoor area. The wider boards can create a visually stunning look and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your deck.

It’s important to note that the availability of width options may vary depending on the specific Trex decking line you choose. As such, it is recommended to consult the product specifications or reach out to a Trex dealer for the most accurate information on width options.

Choosing the Right Trex Decking Line for Your Project

Trex Signature®: Adding Elegance to Your Outdoor Space

The Trex Signature® line is known for its refined wood grains and sophisticated color options such as Whidbey and Ocracoke. If you are looking to create a deck with a touch of elegance, this line is a great choice. The Trex Signature® line includes both 5.5-inch and 7.25-inch width options, allowing you to select the width that best suits your design vision.

To learn more about the Trex Signature® line and order a sample, visit the official Trex website.

Trex Transcend® Lineage™: Timeless Beauty and Durability

If you desire a deck that exudes timeless beauty and durability, the Trex Transcend® Lineage™ line is an excellent option. This line offers a range of color choices, including Biscayne, Rainier, Carmel, and Jasper. The Trex Transcend® Lineage™ line features both 5.5-inch and 7.25-inch width options, allowing you to customize the look of your deck with ease. Whether you prefer a classic or contemporary style, this line can fulfill your design aspirations.

To explore the Trex Transcend® Lineage™ line further and request a sample, visit the official Trex website.

Trex Transcend®: Unparalleled Beauty with High-Performance

For an outdoor oasis that combines unparalleled beauty with high-performance features, the Trex Transcend® line is a top choice. This line offers a collection of stunning colors, including Spiced Rum, Island Mist, and Havana Gold. With both 5.5-inch and 7.25-inch width options available, you can create a deck that captures your desired aesthetic and provides exceptional durability.

If the Trex Transcend® line catches your interest, visit the official Trex website to learn more and order a sample.

Conclusion: Explore the World of Trex Decking

As you plan your deck project, it’s essential to understand the width options available in Trex decking. Whether you prefer a standard width or want to make a statement with wider boards, Trex offers a versatile range of options to cater to your needs. By choosing the right Trex decking line that aligns with your design preferences and desired characteristics, you can create a beautiful outdoor space that lasts for years to come.

To gather more inspiration and explore other articles related to outdoor living and home improvement, we invite you to discover the wide range of resources available on the Trex website. Start planning your dream deck today and make your outdoor space an extension of your personal style and lifestyle.

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